The pendant is a moss agate slice and hangs from a double strand section of rectangular serpentine stone and fire agate nuggets.  The brown beads are reclaimed from a discarded piece of costume jewelry which we aquired as a thrift store find.


Agate and Serpentine are both earth stones with metaphysical properties associated with nature and earth.  The moss agate in particular has strong ties to Mother Nature and Fire Agate is said to ignite passion and creativity and love for life, but with balance and stability.  The patterns of serpentine is thought to resemble snakes, giving the stone it's name and also supporting change and rebirth, such as a shedding of one's skin if you will.  


The earrings are serpentine and fire agate set on gold plated brass fishhook ear wires.  These ear wires are safe for sensitive ears, however if you have a metal allergy or concerns, we can switch to a different metal such as niobium or gold.  Please know that customizations may increase cost and/or delay shipment depending upon the request.  



Mossy Agate Serpentine Fire Agate

  • All of our earrings are nickel free and safe for most ears, including sensitive.  However if you have a metal allergy or if you would prefer a different style of earring (for example, a different metal, earring posts versus fishhook), or clasp (toggle versus lobsterclaw or even magnetic!) than as currently designed we do have other options. 


    Customizations are available, but please know that changes may increase cost and/or delay shipping.